Dairy farms are in strong demand in Alberta. There is significant interest from farmers in Alberta, looking to purchase dairy farms. Our office receives multiple calls a week from existing farmers looking to run a second farm, from experienced dairy farmers who have immigrated to Canada, and from farmers in other sectors.

There are also several young people who enter the industry each year, as many are second generation farmers, following in their parents footsteps. Thanks to the stable and predictable incomes provided through our marketing system, supply management, farmers are able to plan for the future of their farms and their families.

Alberta Milk also offers a New Entrants Assistance Program. The goal of the program is to assist passionate, knowledgeable individuals and families who want to start a dairy farm by alleviating some the start-up costs of dairy farming. This program strives to accomplish this goal by loaning a small amount of production quota to successful applicants to assist them in establishing a viable dairy farm.

Alberta Milk receives several applicants a year. In 2013, we received four applications, and accepted three applicants to be part of the program. For more information on the program, call our office 1-877-361-1231 and we can provide you with all the information you need.