Your name is Spiderman. At least that’s what you typed in the submission box. Or wait, is it Peter Parker? It really depends on what you’re wearing. Because we’re looking out for you, we’ve created a little table to help:

What is my name?


Your Name

Red skin-tight suit


Normal clothes (probably not full-body spandex)

Peter Parker

Maybe you need a name tag. Or potentially you can always tattoo your name (ahem, Spiderman) on your hand so when you’re out slinging webs across buildings, it’ll always come to mind and you wont have to write Alberta Milk for support… although we’re always here to talk. ?

Might we suggest after a long day, you can take off your stuffy mask and tight spandex and recharge with a cold glass of chocolate milk. Chocolate milk offers protein, calcium, vitamin D, and about the same nutritional value, along with an added punch of carbohydrates to stimulate performance and improve muscle recovery.

In fact, A 12-week resistance training study showed that drinking 500 ml of 1% chocolate milk immediately, and another 500 ml one hour after exercise, improved damaged muscle fibres and outperformed comparable soy and carbohydrate recovery beverages. So that might be something you may want to add to your routine to ensure you stay in optimal shape to, like, save the world and such.