I'm proud to be a part of supporting the nearly 500 hardworking farms and families across the province; they are truly at the foundation of every decision the board makes.
If I could leave you with a few thoughts for the future, it would to be to accept that everyone will march to the beat of their own drum and although the rhythm may vary, the direction of that march needs to be universal. Supply management has taught us the power of working together and we must never lose sight of that.
As I reflect on 2018-19, I am again astounded at the work that has been done in addressing the vast number of topics we have faced over the past 12 months, the details of which you will find highlighted in this annual report.
One of my underling philosophies as the chairman of Alberta Milk has been that we must always strive to strengthen our relationships and collaborative efforts with our partners and stakeholders. I am honoured to report that we continue to make great strides in those efforts.
The 2016-17 year was described as a year in transition for a lot of reasons. Our organization and industry continued to evolve and adapt to our changing environment and it’s necessary that we progress along with it to continue to pursue and achieve our goals.
Serving as chairman for the past year has given me an even greater appreciation for just how dynamic the dairy industry is and how the challenges we face continue to evolve our industry. I have also grown to appreciate the ability of our organization, in cooperation with our national organization and all of our partners and affiliates, to tackle these challenges.