There are several reasons why dairy cows are artificially inseminated (AI). First and foremost, it’s a safety factor for both the cow and the farmer. Dairy bulls often weigh over 2,000 lbs and are especially aggressive and unpredictable. By limiting the interactions between the farmer and the bull, there is a lot less risk that the bull could injure a person or another animal. Through AI, selected bulls are routinely examined by a veterinarian for good health and the semen is stored in a secure facility where it’s tested for quality control. That means greater disease control for dairy animals.

Another reason why farmers use AI is because by selecting a specific bull to breed with, you can improve the quality and health of your herd. For example, if a cow has some less desirable traits, you can breed her with a bull that could potentially correct these things in their offspring. When you have a wide selection of bulls with different traits, you can open a lot of doors to improving bloodlines in your herd. Canada has some of the top dairy genetics in the world that have been completed through AI.