Board Members

Alberta Milk is represented by elected dairy producers across the province. Our province is divided up in three regions, North, Central and South, and within each of those regions are elected delegates and directors. We have 30 delegates and 11 directors throughout the province.

Stuart Boeve, chair
Gert Schrijver, vice chair
Greg Debbink, second vice chair
Conrad Van Hierden
Gerrit Haarman
Gezinus Martens
Heini Hehli
JP Brouwer
Michael Vanden Dool
Miranda Verhoef
Wim van de Brake

Regulations Governing Alberta Milk

Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization established on August 1, 2002 through the approval of the Alberta Milk Plan Regulation under the authority of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act of Alberta.

Alberta Milk is supervised by the Agricultural Products Marketing Council, which is appointed by the Government of Alberta. The council supervises and regulates all producer boards and marketing commissions in Alberta.

Below are links to the acts and regulations that govern Alberta Milk found on the Alberta government’s Queen’s Printer webpage.

Alberta Milk Plan Regulation – 150/2002
Alberta Milk Marketing Regulation – 151/2002
Alberta Milk Authorization Regulation -152/2002
Alberta Milk Negotiation and Arbitration Regulation – 153/2002
Alberta Milk Federal Authorization Order – 154/2002
Dairy Industry Act
Dairy Industry Regulation – 139/99
Marketing of Agricultural Products Act

Alberta Milk is authorized to make administrative orders and directives, pursuant to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and the Alberta Milk Plan Regulation, which may be made available upon request by emailing