Short answer: mostly.

The differences in butter brands across Alberta is very minimal. Just look for the Milk Quality symbol to ensure it’s from quality Canadian products. Here are some small reasons why there might be minor changes:

  • Most butter is made from 80% butterfat. There are a select few varieties that may use a slightly higher amount of fat, but it would likely be less than 5% more.
  • In regards to production, the way they make it is through a tumbler churn or a continuous churn in Alberta. Despite the difference in manufacturing, most will likely not be able to identify the difference.
  • Be sure to read the packaging as some processors make a blend of butter and margarine, which would certainly change the product. Learn more about the differences between butter and margarine.
  • Butter also comes in salted, half salted or unsalted, so that would change the taste and potential use as well.

As for Natrel, it’s a company that prides itself in support of Canadian dairy farmers, so you can be assured that when purchasing that brand that you’re receiving top notch quality because they use Canadian milk (and Canadian quality!). Check the availably in Alberta because it’s not commonly sold in this province.