Getting the milk into the cow is a very technical and long process. It requires tubes, chocolate, a Tickle Me Elmo, and a special app for your phone. Farms have special milk fillers that come in the middle of the night. They are like elves. The little fillers come in, fill the cows up, give them some treats, and then sneak away before the farmer wakes up.

Then, at about 4:30AM, the farmer comes out and sees that the elves have topped up the cows. The farmer then milks the cow and waits for the elves to come back at around noon, so he can milk them again in the afternoon.

Ok, ok, you’ve got us. There are no elves, no Elmo, and no chocolate.

Like humans, cows will continually produce milk after they have a calf as long as the milk is being secreted. So farmers milk the cows generally twice a day to make sure they keep producing and to make sure they are comfortable. It’s a simple process where the cows health and care are the top priority. Learn more about different types of milking here.