Under the guidance of the proAction® committee, Dairy Farmers of Canada has completed the 2019-20 proAction® Progress Report. The report includes information and updates on the status of the program’s delivery and implementation. It demonstrates the ongoing dedication of dairy farmers to meet the national standards for milk quality, food safety, animal care, traceability, biosecurity, and the environment. 

Highlights of the Report:

  • 99.9% of Canadian dairy farmers are registered with the proAction® program which demonstrates their conformance with the food safety, animal care, and traceability modules.
  • The Biosecurity module was launched in September 2019, making seven requirements in the module mandatory on all farms- 2,500 farms have been validated by third-party validators for the Biosecurity module.
  • An on-farm pilot tested the requirements for the environment module. Close to 100 farmers across the country took part in the pilot, and feedback from farmers, validators, and provincial coordinators was gathered with the goal to improve the program. Since the pilot, the environment module has continued moving forward.
  • As per CFIA’s requirements for the Food Safety module’s recognition, the module completed a 40-month review. The review confirmed that the module continues to be current with emerging issues and regulatory updates and the proAction® program itself is being managed effectively.
  • DairyTrace, a new national dairy cattle traceability program led by Lactanet, including its own database and platform, has been finalized and will be officially launched October 5, 2020.

Canadians can feel proud knowing that our dairy farmers work tirelessly to ensure they follow all of the guidelines outlined in proAction®, which includes producing some of the highest quality, and safest milk, in the world.

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