Health Canada is changing the Food Guide to discourage Canadians from consuming dairy and meat products.

The Canadian Government has recently signaled in their latest public consultation that they plan to remove the dairy category from Canada’s Food Guide and brand many dairy products as ‘unhealthy’, despite their widely recognized nutritional benefits. But this is not supported by objective science.

Dairy products have long been considered an integral part of a healthy, balanced diet, and the evidence supporting it hasn’t changed. Left unchecked, Health Canada’s recommendations will not only cripple an important Canadian industry, but have long-term health consequences for all Canadians. 

Health Canada’s own advisory panel says most Canadians are not getting enough of the nutrients found in milk.

Why then would government want to remove the dairy category from our Food Guide and put Canadians’ health at risk?

That’s a good question and one you need to ask your MP. Go here to send them a letter.