No matter what grade level you’re in, it’s always fun to meet some of our farmers! Yes, real farmers! We’ve got tons of videos where you can learn about different farm families and get a glimpse into their lives.

Grades K-3

Do brown cows make chocolate milk? Click here to watch the video.

The Journey of Milk is local journey and includes families, just like yours.

Dairy Farmers of Canada has a list of great resources available to download for free in French and English.

Grades 4-6

project AGRICULTURE is a free, project based resource connecting to curriculum for grades four through six students. All resources are in PDF format and free to download.

Have you ever wondered what a voluntary milking system is? Check out the Farm Food 360 video that gives you a full 360° tour.

How does our 100% Canadian milk get from the farm to the grocery store? We’ve got the answer!

Junior and Senior High- Social Studies and Science

project AGRICULTURE is a free, project based resource connecting to science and social studies curriculum for junior and senior high. Explore the website and see what you can learn about agriculture in Alberta.

Are agriculture and technology really different? Technology allows us to help our cows thrive.

Dairy farming is kind of like a love story- our cows are part of our family!

Do our farmers own their land, or are they just borrowing it from the generations to come? Dairy farmers care about the planet.

Keep checking back as we continue to update the resources available to you and your kids!