As we are entering our third round of shut downs, you may still be asking yourself “OK, now what?”.

Let us help you through this. If you’re looking for things to keep the kids entertained (and keep yourself sane), we’ve got you covered! Help your family learn more about where their milk comes from through fun activities for all ages! If you’re looking for ideas to keep meals simple but delicious and nutritious, we’ve also got you covered there with A Practical and User-Friendly Guide to Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack, from Dairy Farmers of Canada!

We want to unite Albertans because we’re all in this together.

How are local dairy farmers reacting to COVID-19? According to Farmer Nelson, it’s business as usual, but they are taking a lot more precautions to keep everyone safe. Don’t take our word for it, though, have a listen from the farm!

Get creative and have a dairy inspired schedule!

Make it extra cheesy:

  • Enjoy cheese and crackers as a snack.
  •  Try and come up with some cheesy jokes! There’s nothing funnier than a legen-dairy dad joke!
  • How many dairy products can you count in your fridge?
  • Try one of these delicious smoothie recipes from Dairy Farmers of Canada for a snack.

Please keep checking back as we continue to add more activities.