Prices for Canadian dairy products are comparable to prices in other countries.

The price of milk in stores varies from region to region and store to store as we do not set the price of milk; retailers do. 

The latest global price comparison (52 weeks ending October 2017) shows our consumers get a good deal in Canadian stores as they pay (on a weighted average basis considering purchasing habits) about $1.50 a litre of fresh milk, which compares well with the $1.83 in New Zealand, $1.57 in Australia, and $1.77 in France, $1.64 in the United States, and $1.23 in Germany, while China’s prices are more expensive at $2.58 a litre.

Moreover, as all Canadian milk is free of the artificial growth hormone rBST, these numbers compare apples to apples (non-rBST to non-rBST).