Only some dairy farmers drink raw milk. In many situations, it is because, while they were growing up on the farm, raw milk was the product that was most readily available to them. Because farms are located in very remote rural communities, many farmers did not have the opportunity to travel into town to purchase everyday items like milk and eggs. Also, since farmers produce these items to the high safety standards outlined by organizations like Alberta Milk, and because they take their milk directly from their cooled bulk tank to their own refrigerator, some farmers feel their raw milk is safe to consume. As milk is a highly perishable product improper transportation of raw milk can jeopardise the quality.

As we mentioned in our answer to Ashley’s question, regulations do not prohibit dairy farmers from consuming their own product, but this does not mean they are immune to the risks associated with consuming raw milk.

Also in our answer to Ashley’s question, the state of health of modern herds, the hygiene rules governing milking and storage at the farm, and the numerous food safety and quality controls that producers implement result in the exceptionally high quality of the milk produced today. However, despite all these favourable conditions, it does not give producers absolute protection against the risks that can be associated with the consumption of raw milk.
Finally, it is still illegal for a dairy farmer to sell raw milk. For more information visit Seth’s question.