There is no nutritional difference between Milk2Go or regular milk. The biggest differences are the packaging and that Milk2Go does not need to be refrigerated until opened. It’s an example of UHT milk, which just like refrigerated milk, there aren’t any scary preservatives or additives added.

What is UHT Milk?
UHT milk is milk that has undergone Ultra-high Temperature (UHT) pasteurization. It allows milk to be kept at room temperature. It’s a great option for outings where you want a nutritious drink, but just don’t have a cool place to store it. The milk must adhere to the same rigorous safety standards as refrigerated milk. It’s higher in popularity in Europe compared to Alberta and is often found in tetra packs as well.

UHT Process
During the UHT process, the milk is pasteurized between 138°C and 158°C for a few seconds. This process boils away any bacteria without affecting nutrients. Once it has cooled down, the milk is poured into a sterilized package without air contact.

Once the package is opened, UHT milk should be placed in the refrigerator and consumed within the next few days.