Canadian milk is produced according to some of the highest standards in the world, which ensures that milk from cows that are receiving treatment is disposed until the mandatory withdrawal time has passed.

Antibiotics are only given to a cow when she is sick. When a cow receives antibiotics, she must be clearly identified and her milk properly discarded for a mandatory withdrawal period until the medication has cleared the cow’s system. A farmer who violates these rules is subjected to severe fines.

All milk goes through a variety of tests to ensure it is of the highest quality. Milk samples are picked up at the farm and tested at the Central Milk Testing laboratory. Each sample can be traced back to the farm it was taken from. As well, each tanker load is tested at the dairy processing plant prior to unloading. If antibiotic residues are detected, the entire load  is disposed of. 

All Alberta dairy farmers must also participate in the Canadian Quality Milk program to ensure the milk coming from our farms is only of the highest quality.