Alberta Milk represents Alberta’s dairy farmers, not our processing sector. So unfortunately, there isn’t an Alberta-only product list we can provide you as we do not manage processing of milk.

The dairy industry in Canada is highly integrated and we work with other provinces that have more processing available and potentially ship that product or components to Alberta. Remember that every single dairy farm across the province must adhere to the same high standards for milk quality and animal care.

That being said, The most effective way is to contact the individual processor regarding the details about each of their products. Please remember that companies like Saputo may have their headquarters in Quebec (or another province), but they have local processing plants in Alberta in which use Alberta milk. You can find a list of processors here.

We deeply appreciate your support for our locally produced product and the dairy industry. The most important thing is that the product is made from Canada dairy.

By identifying that the product is Canadian, that means Canadian jobs, Canadian farmers and supporting the Canadian economy. Look for the Canadian milk quality logo to ensure you’re are supporting Canadian farmers.

You may also want to contact the Western Dairy Council, the organization that represents Western dairy processors.