All dairy farmers in Canada fall under a marketing system called supply management. Supply management keeps your dairy (and poultry) products local and Canadian. That means that we don’t import, nor export high quantities of dairy so our Canadian dairy farmers feed Canadian families. The milk you find in your local grocery store will most likely be from a farm in the surrounding area. There are 22 dairy processing facilities in Alberta, some of which are on-farm, like Bles-Wold yogurt.

Supply management not only keeps your milk local and supports Canadian dairy farmers, but you can also have the confidence in our reputation of having the some of the safest milk in the world through programs such as the Canadian Quality Milk program.

While you can rest assured that your milk is local and Canadian, other products like cheese may be imported or may be produced using some imported dairy ingredients. Products bearing the 100% Canadian Milk Symbol have been made using only high quality Canadian milk or milk ingredients so you can be sure you are choosing Canadian.

The average dairy farm in Alberta has about 93 cows. Our farms are all family farms, so there’s no need to worry about factories here!