When it comes to dairy farming, sure, it starts with the cows and the milk. But that’s not where it ends. We coach teams, build community, fill stomachs, and contribute to local charities. There are hundreds of us dairy farmers in Alberta. We do milk, and we do so much more.

Contributing to Alberta Food banks

Alberta’s dairy farmers support their local communities beyond producing high-quality milk. They’re involved in nourishing young minds through sports scholarships, and providing agricultural experiences, to name a few. But did you know dairy farmers in Alberta have a rich history in donations and community support? Dairy products are one of the top requested item at food banks. Alberta’s Dairy Farmers have a rich history of donating to the food banks in Alberta going back more than 30 years. The best way to support food banks is through a monetary gift as food banks have higher purchasing power with volume buying.

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Meet some of Alberta’s Dairy Farmers

Nelson is a fourth-generation farmer outside Westlock, Alberta. The last few years he has built a new barn for his cows and installed automatic milking systems which help to improve animal care on his farm and give Nelson more flexibility to enjoy his other passions of coaching hockey in his community or exploring the Alberta country side on his snowmobile.

Willem has been farming with his wife near Ponoka since 2000. Willem is incredibly passionate about caring for animals. When Willem and his wife Martine noticed a need for a safe environment for stray animals in their area they opened an animal rescue on their property that can house 120 dogs and cats. During the summer they use a plot of their land to grow a beautiful field of sunflowers to sell and help raise money for the animal shelter.

Tyson is a 3rd generation dairy farmer located near For Saskatchewan Alberta. He regularly milks the cows on his family farm. Tyson has been heavily involved in the para hockey community since he was 9 years old and now is the goalie for the Team Canada sledge hockey team. During the winter when he is not busy with hockey or helping on the farm he loves to enjoy the outdoors snowboarding all over Alberta with his favourite mountains being Marmot Basin.

Greg has a dairy farm in Leduc County that his family has been farming since 1962. Greg’s passion for the dairy industry led him to joining the Alberta Milk board in 2018. In that time, he has been able to help drive research for dairy within the province to continuously improve the animal comfort and care. When he is off the farm, he is a pillar in his local hockey league.