In The Amazing Race, students explore agriculture and its strong connection to, and dependence on, the land, natural resources and population centres of geographic regions across Canada and Alberta. Project activities are sequenced to have students:

  • Spark Curiosity and Inquiry
  • Search and Investigate
  • Design and Create
  • Publish and Share

Customized learning is facilitated with fillable text fields and checkboxes that allow you and your students to save and complete activities and assessments.  

The Amazing Race

Students propose and construct a route, detour and roadblock for an Amazing Race Canada episode, focusing on the ways that people use and depend on natural resources in different regions of Canada or Alberta.

Critical thinkingManage informationCreativity and innovation

How does agriculture make regions unique?

Social StudiesLanguage ArtsMath
The Amazing Race Project Guide

Project-based learning sequences, teaching suggestions and activities

The Amazing Race Learning Sources

Trusted information sources for students, including photo stories, primary sources and infographics

The Amazing Race Developing Competencies

Skill-based and competency-focused activities for students

The Amazing Race Assessment Support

Assessment tools, including a learning checklist, project check-in grid and rubric

The Amazing Race Teacher Fast Facts & Vocabulary Support

Fast facts and vocabulary for teacher background support

The Amazing Races Project Tools

Graphic organizers and templates for students

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