Forage Research

Forage is the largest feed component in dairy cattle diets and there are many factors affecting which forages are grown and how they are fed: economics, geography, agronomic factors, digestibility, etc. As pressure for resources and efficiencies grow research scientists respond with the evaluation of different forages and development of new breeding approaches combining traditional genetic improvement, genomics and metabolomics. Research goals for the development of new varieties focuses increasing yield, nutritional value and plant persistence and plant resistance to stresses (frost, heat, drought, salinity).

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In this month’s research summaries, the use of faba beans and faba bean silage in dairy cow diets are evaluated and compared against standard dairy rations.

6.31 KS Faba bean rolled or ground (MAY 2021)

Rolled or ground faba beans may be successfully used in dairy cattle rations as an alternative to soybean meal and as a partial replacement for corn grain.

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6.32 KS Faba bean silage (MAY 2021)

Whole plant faba bean silage can be included in dairy cattle rations successfully, allowing additional crop rotation.

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