UCVM Lameness Research

Lameness is a priority research area and the UCVM has an excellent team of researchers that collaborate from basic science to on farm management regarding cow comfort, hoof health, lameness and cattle handling and the interrelatedness of each. One of the priority areas in recent years has been to identify the cause of digital dermatitis (aka Mortellaro, hairy heel, strawberry warts)

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In this month’s first research summary, the impact on reducing antimicrobial use in livestock and the corresponding decrease in antimicrobial resistance is reviewed. In the second, in parlour DD treatments are compared.

6.33 Knowledge Summary - AMR and AMU in Food-Producing Animals

Although the link between antimicrobial use and emergence of resistance is clear, the same cannot be said about effects of restrictions of antimicrobial use on AMR.

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6.34 KS Topical Treatments and DD Lesions (JUNE 2021)

Selecting treatments for in parlour control of DD can be confusing.

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