Alberta Milk has been funding research to increase productivity and profitability of the Alberta dairy industry since 1995. Our support of production research and development is driven by the overarching purpose of ensuring sustainability of milk production.

Dairy farmers understand the importance of research and annually invest approximately $400,000 into projects and initiatives. Animal care, health, reproduction, nutrition and sustainability are areas of research that are funded, because healthy animals produce quality milk. The efforts have paid off with ongoing research partnerships with universities of Alberta, Calgary, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Alberta Milk’s research assessment funds are invested to provide financial support to academic positions and research projects in line with our priorities. These funds are not available to support research institution administration or overhead costs.

Research results for projects supported by Alberta Milk are available through the Dairy Research and Extension Consortium of Alberta (DRECA) pages. One of DRECA’s functions is to facilitate the uptake of information, knowledge and skills for Alberta dairy producers and industry service providers.


Visit the Canadian Dairy Research Portal

The site contains a vast collection of dairy cattle research results and knowledge at your fingertips. You can access the latest available information on dairy research in formats ranging from scientific articles to news stories. The research results originate from more than 20 years of research funded by Canadian dairy producers in partnership with: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, the Canadian Dairy Network and the Canadian Dairy Commission.