The rules governing raw milk in Alberta are located in the Dairy Industry Regulations Act. Section 44 (subsection 2) specifically states that raw milk may only be sold to a licensed milk processor.

The Alberta Government is responsible for administering the Dairy Industry Regulations, and as such, its Regulatory Assurance Division is responsible for making sure Albertans follow these rules. Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has the mandate to enforce legislative standards; its Inspection and Investigation Branch undertakes a Dairy Inspection Program to ensure compliance with the Dairy Industry Act and Regulation. These compliance insurances can include inspections, investigations and enforcement activities as required, to enforce compliance with legislation.

Alberta Health Services or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency may also get involved if the raw milk is being marketed through a licensed food production facility or if there are illnesses from the consumption of the raw product.

As the sale of raw milk is illegal in Canada, as we addressed in our answer to Seth’s question, any licensed dairy producer in Alberta caught selling raw milk will face a penalty that may include a fine and/or a suspension of their producer license.