Short answer: of course.

To become an organic dairy producer in Alberta, the farm needs to be certified. This means that a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) certified body ensures that they follow all the rules in order to be accredited as organic. Some of these rules are:

  • Dairy cows can only consume organic feed for a minimum of 1 year before being classified as an organic cow
  • Fields are 100% chemical-free for minimum of three years
  • Read all the CFIA standards

In order to keep their certification, a trained inspector visits their operation yearly and may have unscheduled inspections to ensure they are following the organic standards. If they are not, their certification is revoked.

Furthermore, Alberta Milk only picks up milk from certified organic farms. Our processing plants and haulers also require the annual certification to prove the entire value chain is certified to haul and process organic milk

To learn more, visit Organic Alberta or look for the Canadian Organic Regime logo.