Alberta Milk carefully tracks every raw milk delivery from farm to processing plant. Nearly all of the Alberta dairy processors receive several tankers of raw milk a day, which is transferred to large silos, where the milk is co-mingled with other deliveries. Processors include specific information on their products that can identify which processing plant and silo the milk came from.

It is important to note that, for traceability reasons, it is possible to trace milk back to a specific silo and also back to the truck that brought the milk to the plant. Tracking can go as far back as the individual producers that filled the truck that day; however, milk is not normally traced back to its origin unless necessary for safety reasons. There is no information on dairy packaging that identifies the source farm.

Regardless, you can rest assured that virtually all of the milk you find in Alberta grocery stores is produced and processed in Alberta and meets the highest possible standards for quality and food safety, as we answered in our response to Donna’s question.