UPDATED: The 100% Canadian milk logo has been transitioned from our 100% Canadian Milk to our new milk quality logo. Although it’s a new logo, have no fear that it still represents the same assurance of quality milk. Learn more about the change. 



The logo was created in response to consumer demand that the origin of food products be clearly identified on food packaging. The symbol is a seal of origin that guarantees the dairy products you’re buying are made entirely from 100% Canadian milk or milk ingredients. 

You won’t find the logo on all dairy products because it’s voluntary for processors to use. Some of the dairy processing companies have decided to not use the logo. We certainly encourage you to tell your local grocery store that you’d like more products that carry the symbol.

Learn a little bit more about supply management, our marketing system for dairy in Canada. It ensures that the milk from Canadian farms isn’t exported around the world; it stays in Canada and feeds Canadian families.