Yes, dairy farming is lifestyle that farmers across the province (and country) are proud to do everyday. Now is as good as time as ever to become a dairy farmer.

Here are some real benefits to dairy farming in our province and why anytime is a great time to embrace your inner dairy farmer:

  • Opportunity to connect your love and passion for caring for animals. Dairy farmers spend their entire lives caring for cows. If you want to dedicate your mornings, days, evenings (and plenty of 2AMs) with your animals, this is the career for you. Learn more about how dairy farmers take care of their animals.
  • It provides a stable livelihood. Through supply management, the dairy farmers worth together to help alleviate the boom and bust cycles that other industries experience. It also provides the opportunity to produce a local product to local Canadians.
  • We have two programs that assist new dairy farmers into the industry that you should look into more: the New Entrants Assistance Program and the Organic Entrants Assistance Program.
  • See what a day in the life is like for a dairy farmer in Alberta.