We don’t coordinate farm tours. There are many reasons for this. One of the most important is biosecurity of our farms. Biosecurity is vital to each of our farms because it protects the herd from outside diseases. The health of each of the cows is our top priority and sometimes visitors can put the health of our dairy animals at risk.

Safety is another reason. Farms have many moving parts and if you’re not used to the large machinery or animals, you may not be familiar with the safety protocols in place. We never want to take a chance with your safety.

But don’t worry, we have so many ways you can learn and experience a dairy farm.

  • Events. We have events across Alberta to help you learn where your milk comes from. Please check out our website for details about what is in your area! We have great events like Breakfast on the Dairy and Open Farm Days (see more details below)
  • Online. Want to experience a dairy farm from the comfort of your couch? Visit Farm 360 for a virtual tour of a dairy farm or our YouTube channel for more great videos about life on a dairy farm. Dairy Farmers of Canada also has great information on their website and blog.
  • Twitter. We have a bunch of dairy farmers on Twitter. Check out our Alberta Dairy Farmers list at Twitter.com/albertamilk and start chatting with dairy farmers from across Alberta.

Here are some examples of dairy farm events you may want to watch for and participate in:

Breakfast on the Dairy Farm
Each summer, Alberta dairy farms have the option to host a Breakfast on the Dairy Farm event. Come with your family and enjoy a free breakfast served by local dairy farmers and experience firsthand what life on a dairy farm is all about. Keep an eye on AlbertaMilk.com for details as summer draws near.

Alberta Open Farm Days
Some Alberta dairy farms will also participate in Alberta Open Farm Days, usually held annually in August.  Alberta Open Farm Days is a weekend that brings Albertans together. Participants come away knowing their neighbours a little bit better and will gain a new appreciation for how farms contribute to their daily lives. Alberta farmers have unique stories to tell and great products to share. Check their  website for more details on farms near you that are participating.