Nothing screams ‘summer’ like firing up the barbecue for the first time after winter. Grilling is such a simple way to add flavour to fresh, seasonal foods. Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the long summer days with family and friends.

One of my go-to barbecue meals is the classic meat and vegetable skewer. If you want to try a new twist on an old favourite, look no further than these delicious Greek-style skewers. Halloumi, a cheese that can handle the heat of the grill, adds a new dimension of flavour to this classic dish.

Halloumi is a firm, salty, white cheese originating from Cyprus, an island in the Mediterranean. It has a similar texture to mozzarella, and is typically made with sheep, goat or cow’s milk. Grilling Halloumi removes some of the saltiness and brings out the creamy flavour and texture. If you’re watching your salt intake, rinsing the Halloumi before grilling it can help further reduce the saltiness without sacrificing on flavour.  With its high melting point, Halloumi is the perfect choice for expanding your grilling repertoire.

These Greek-style skewers combine fresh peppers, marinated pork and grilled Halloumi, all paired with a creamy tzatziki dip. For best results, marinate the pork overnight. All you have to do the next day is assemble the skewers and get grilling!

Looking for more?
Try a Grilled Halloumi Salad or Curried Red Grape Salsa with Grilled Halloumi.

Have you tried grilling with Halloumi?

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