Dairy Farmers of Canada School Programs have been developed to help teachers and students in Alberta learn about and improve nutrition in their schools.

Dairy Farmers of Canada dietitians in Alberta belong to the College of Dietitians of Alberta and follow the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for registered dietitians in Alberta. As registered dietitians we are credible, balanced and science-based. Our job at Dairy Farmers of Canada is to translate the complex science of nutrition into practical advice for the general population. We develop nutrition resources, programs and communications to promote health and wellness. It is our view that milk and milk products are an important part of a healthy, balanced diet based on the four food groups, which is supported by health organizations such as Health Canada and Dietitians of Canada. Cindy Thorvaldson, M.Sc., RD Lee Finell, MHSA, RD, RD Jaclyn Chute, B.Sc., RD