Ever wonder where your dairy products come from?

Come enjoy the countryside for a free tour through a dairy farm and experience firsthand what life on a dairy farm is all about.

Breakfast on the Dairy Farm is an award winning event, adapted to be Walk thru on the Dairy Farm this year. Organizers have worked with Alberta Health Services to follow all COVID-19 safety protocols while still offering a fun experience for the whole family. The dairy farming community is looking forward to welcoming you, and answering your questions, in a safe and distanced environment.

You’ll learn about what the cows eat, where they live, and how farmers take care of them. Farmers will be around all morning to help answer any questions to have about where your milk comes from.

We hope this event will get everyone thinking a little differently the next time you walk down the dairy isle.

In order to follow safety protocols, a registration is required. Click here to get your FREE ticket before spots sell out!