Alberta Milk, the organization that represents Alberta’s dairy farmers, is pleased to announce that they will be donating $60,000 to help students get the nutrition needed to promote learning.

“We are farmers, but we are families first. Most of us have children and know that if they get the proper nutrition they need, they have the best chance at learning” says Chairman Tom Kootstra, a dairy farmer in central Alberta.

The three programs all work to ensure that students receive food when they would likely go hungry.

Youth Empowerment Support Services (YESS)
YESS is relentlessly dedicated to empowering youth from difficult realities. An Edmonton based non-profit agency, were founded to fill the gap in government services for youth — a gap that still exists today.

 Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK)
BB4CK works in partnership with Calgary schools to make and deliver free healthy lunches for students who would otherwise go hungry.

 Edmonton School Lunch Program (E4C)
E4C increases food security by providing essential support such as three meals a day in their emergency shelter, providing children with a nutritious lunch or snack at school, and building knowledge and skills around food access and nutrition

 The benefits of when students eat a healthy diet are endless. Studies show that when children have the proper nutrition, their physical, mental and social well-being improves. 

“We’re just happy to play a small part in improving the lives of kids across our province.”

Dairy Farmers Kick off Nutrition Month in a Big Way