Club Moo is a milk program that encourages children to develop the healthy habit of drinking milk everyday by making it fun and rewarding. Simply offer white and/or chocolate milk three to five times per week at school. Children at participating schools earn cool incentive prizes just by drinking cold fresh milk with their lunch or at recess. It’s fun and it’s easy!


Club Moo in 8 easy steps!

1. Register for the program.
2. Appoint a Milk Manager.
3. Purchase or acquire a fridge to keep the milk cold. Don’t have a fridge? We can help!
4. Place a milk order with your local dairy. Not sure who to call? We can help!
5. Set the price for milk and encourage parents to prepay for milk by the month or year.
6. Recruit student Milk MOO-nitors to help distribute the milk and incentive prizes.
7. Call the Club Moo Crew at Alberta Milk if you have any questions.
8. Have fun! Look for exciting ways to award the prizes and promote the program!

Club Moo Crew at Your Service!

We are happy to help! Schools registered for Club Moo will receive:

  • A toll free helpline for all your questions 1.877.361.1231 ext 3327
  • A user friendly manual with all the information you’ll need to run the program
  • Free program materials like student incentives, sample letters, lists, milk tickets, punch cards, posters, clip art and special events booklets
  • Five electronic MOOsletters per year to keep you up to date on the latest news coming out of Club Moo Headquarters

Register Here!