In 35 years Club Moo has:

had 2.6 million students participate.

been in 1,283 Alberta schools.

served enough milk to fill an estimated 983 Olympic sized swimming pools (2.5 billion litres of milk).

supported students to develop healthy eating habits.

Thank you to our five anniversary schools who have supported this program from the beginning!

 Barrhead Elementary, Barrhead

Two Hills School, Two Hills

Bonanza School, Bonanza

 Ecole Rocky Elementary School, Rocky Mountain House

Lochearn Elementary School, Rocky Mountain House

What is Club Moo?

Club Moo, or the Elementary School Milk Program is a free school milk program started in 1985.

The program was developed to encourage the development of healthy eating habits.

Club Moo was developed to help provide easy access to cold, fresh milk and dairy for students while at school.

Why Club Moo?

Participation in the program includes free support resources and give away items  for teachers, parents, and students.

Milk and dairy sold at school is always cold and fresh.

You don’t have to worry about spilt milk in the lunch bag- yuk!

Milk and dairy provides 15 essential nutrients.

Milk and dairy are a part of a balanced diet, helping to provide essential bone building nutrients like calcium and protein.

Helps students make sure they’re well-nourished and ready to concentrate and learn.

It’s fun.

Club Moo in 8 easy steps!

1. Register for the program.
2. Appoint a Milk Manager.
3. Purchase or acquire a fridge to keep the milk cold. Don’t have a fridge? We can help!
4. Place a milk order with your local dairy. Not sure who to call? We can help!
5. Set the price for milk and encourage parents to prepay for milk by the month or year.
6. Recruit student Milk MOO-nitors to help distribute the milk and incentive prizes.
7. Call the Club Moo Crew at Alberta Milk if you have any questions.
8. Have fun! Look for exciting ways to award the prizes and promote the program!

Club Moo Crew at Your Service!

We are happy to help! Schools registered for Club Moo will receive:

  • A toll free helpline for all your questions 1.877.361.1231 ext 3327
  • A user friendly manual with all the information you’ll need to run the program
  • Free program materials like student incentives, sample letters, lists, milk tickets, punch cards, posters, clip art and special events booklets
  • Five electronic MOOsletters per year to keep you up to date on the latest news coming out of Club Moo Headquarters

Register Here!

Special Events- Milk and Cookie Day

Nothing beats cookies dunked in cold fresh milk. Your school can have your Milk & Cookie Day any day that suits your schedule. It’s up to you! You can combine Milk & Cookie Day with another event such as Valentine’s Day, School Spirit Day, a sporting event, or make it a special day all on its own!

Register now before the cookie crumbles.

If you have any questions about Club Moo Special Events, please email Club Moo Headquarters at

Please Note: Only Alberta schools are eligible.

Leadership Module

Introduced in 2011, the Student Leadership Module offers an innovative leadership opportunity for grades 4, 5, and 6 students. Club Moo schools can register for this program which provides a complete toolkit that will allow the grade 4, 5, and 6 students to run the Club Moo program as a not-for-profit business. It is a great opportunity for students to learn leadership and organizational skills while learning the value of volunteerism, community involvement and community development. For more information, or to obtain this resource for registered Club Moo schools, please contact Kelsie (