The program has many benefits to offer you as a Canadian dairy farmer, some of which are:

  • Enhance your ability to control and prevent food safety hazards related to milk and meat on your farm;
  • Increase your staff’s awareness and understanding of food safety risks;
  • Improve communication on your farm;
  • Ensure everyone on your farm implements procedures consistently;
  • Increase profitability through decreased product losses;
  • Provide proof of your due diligence;
  • Assure Canadian and international consumers’ confidence in Canadian dairy products and meat.

Required Records – The following documents and records must be kept in order to meet the requirements of proAction®.

National Electronic Administration System (NEAS) –  Sign up for NEAS  to manage your proAction records online.


For more information contact:
Morgan Hobin, proAction® Coordinator
Office: 780-577-3318
Toll Free: 877-361-1231
Fax: 780-455-2196