What nutrients does a glass of milk contain?

One glass of milk contains 16 essential nutrients including the six bone-building nutrients: calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A and vitamin D. Remember that milk is fortified with vitamin D: yogurt and cheese are not.


Bone-building nutrients




Builds strong bones. Helps your heart beat, muscles contract, nerves function and blood clot normally.


Forms the foundation upon which minerals like calcium and phosphorus build strong bones. Builds and repairs body tissues and muscles; helps build antibodies to fight infection.


Hardens bone by linking with calcium and phosphorus and helps convert food into energy and build body tissue.


Strengthens bones by bonding with calcium.

Vitamin A

Plays an important role in bone growth.

Vitamin D

Enhances the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones. May help keep muscles working and your immune system strong.




Other essential nutrients

Vitamin B6

Needed for the body to use protein.

Vitamin B12

Needed for growth, healthy nerves and to make blood.


Helps the body grow and is required for DNA synthesis.


Needed to help the body turn carbohydrates into energy.


Helps convert food into energy.


Needed so the body can get energy from carbohydrates and to help tissues in the body take in oxygen.

Pantothenic acid

Needed to help the body turn fatty acids into energy metabolism.


Essential for growth and development, wound healing, immunity and other body processes.


\Maintains the body’s l fluid balance and allows nerves and muscles to work properly.


Acts like an antioxidant, protect the body’s cells and is needed for the the thyroid gland to work properly.