Who should be concerned about bone health?

Everyone needs to be concerned about bone health. Bones are a living tissue that changes throughout life.

When do bones grow the most?

The majority of bone growth occurs during childhood. There is a ‘bone growth spurt’ during puberty at 11-14 years of age for girls and 13-17 years of age for boys.

What happens after age 20?

By the time you reach 20 years of age, your skeleton is almost complete. By age 30 your body begins to break down old bone faster than it can build new bone. This means your bones slowly become weaker and thinner and that could lead to osteoporosis. So even though you are not building bone after age 30-35, it is still important to ensure your bones receive the nutrients they need.

Can a calcium supplement keep my bones healthy?

Bones need more than calcium. In fact, you need calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein to build and maintain healthy bones. All six of the bone building nutrients are found in milk.

Researchers found that when they compared the effect of a calcium supplement on bone mass to the effect of calcium from dairy products;

  • Both sources of calcium helped to build bones and the positive effect on bones remained once the dairy products were discontinued
  • Once the calcium supplement was stopped, the positive effect on bones disappeared.

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