Summer is here, which means it’s time to light up your BBQ. There is something enticing and delightful about barbequed food – I don’t know if it’s the grill marks, the open flames or just the fact that it’s finally warm outside, but things just taste so much better when cooked this way.

 To celebrate BBQ season, I’ve rounded up some of our best grilled recipes for you to enjoy this summer. It’s not all about hamburgers, steaks and chickens – you can cook practically anything on the BBQ. Surprise your family and friends with these unconventional recipes you can enjoy hot off the grill.


BBQ Cheese Fondue – Cutting the top off a round of brie creates a self-contained fondue!

Grilled Cheese (not the sandwich) – Did you know there are actually cheeses that can be cooked directly on the grill and they won’t fall apart?


Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad – Grill your romaine hearts and top with shrimp for an unforgettable salad!


Grilled Peaches – Grilling peaches (or pineapple, or any other fruit) draws out the natural sugars as they caramelize on the surface of the fruit. Can you say “yum”?

Grilled Angel Food Cake – Similar to fruit, the sugars in the angel food cake caramelize and elevate this classic cake to a whole new level.

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