This power bowl recipe contains a delicious combination of fresh and cooked vegetables, lentils, quinoa and feta cheese. This all adds up to a wealth of nutrients that will fuel you through the afternoon.

Make It and Take It

This year’s Nutrition Month theme encourages you to Eat Well 9 to 5, wherever the day might take you. The tag line, Make it, and Take it! reminds us that one of the easiest ways to ensure we can eat healthfully during even our busiest times is to make our meals and snacks at home and take them with us. In fact, this recipe was inspired by these great lunch suggestion from the Dietitians of Canada.

What is a Power Bowl?

There is no universal definition of a power bowl, however generally speaking, a power bowl contains:

  • Whole grains i.e. quinoa, brown rice, barley, oats
  • Raw leafy greens i.e. kale, spinach, endive, cabbage
  • Vibrant raw veggies or fruit i.e. carrots, peppers, celery, kiwi, orange sections, berries and/or Flavourful cooked vegetables i.e. roasted sweet potatoes, steamed or roasted asparagus, roasted Brussel sprouts
  • A source of protein i.e. lean meat or poultry, fish, legumes (dried beans or peas), Greek yogurt, cottage cheese
  • Healthy fats i.e. canola oil, avocados, fatty fish such as salmon

The versatility means that everyone in your family can make their own Power Bowl to suit their taste without compromising on the nutritional value. Even the name Power Bowl adds an exotic and appealing touch to leftovers. This is important if you have someone in your family, like I do, who runs screaming at the mere mention of leftovers. The name was so intriguing to him, that he ate the sample one that I was photographing and asked for another the next day! Try it with your family!

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