It’s started. The after school activities. Dance, gymnastics, martial arts, hockey, ringette, basketball, swimming, piano, guitar, choir, drama….Now that I have two kids in after-school activities, I am in need of portable snacks that will nourish and satisfy my kids voracious appetites after school.

My experience is that after school kids are hungry. Either my kids have been too distracted to eat their lunch and now they are famished, or they just need something to help tie them over until supper. Snacks give kids the fuel they need before their activities or active play. It also contributes to a child’s daily nutrient intake.

When it comes to snacking, it is not just the kids that we need to think about…yes, I mean YOU! We are often so focused on our kids that we can easily forget that, we too, need to think of our own appetites, energy levels, and setting ourselves up for healthy living success. I know I have been guilty of not taking care of myself [I am usually just thankful I got the kids to their activity on time]. And then it happens at the hockey rink – someone walks by me with a plate of freshly cooked fresh fries – and then who isn’t hungry?! You know the type of hunger I mean…like when you go to the movie theatre, and suddenly you want popcorn? I know that I am less likely to order my own plate of fries if I have packed myself something to eat to tie me over until we can get supper.

For adults, snacks can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable throughout the day, helping you to manage your hunger and energy. The keys to healthy snacking are to choose your foods wisely, snack when you are hungry and to be portion aware.

Here is one portable snack solution I have created for my family – a frozen smoothie yogurt parfait. It tastes great, it nourishes my kids, and probably most important, my kids will eat it, and be satisfied.