This month’s recipe from the Milk Calendar is Favourite Summer Smoothies. Three options are given, each with a unique combination of flavours that offer a change from the usual smoothie recipes: Vanilla Date, Cranraspberry and Chocolate Milk Peanut Butter. All are quick to prepare and made with easy-to-find ingredients.

There is no universal definition for smoothies. They may contain any combination of fruit, fruit juice, vegetables, milk, yogurt and added boosters, flavours and sweeteners. For this reason, DYI smoothies are the best option (whenever possible), so you can control the ingredients. For example, commercial smoothies may contain simply fruit and fruit juice, with or without added sugar. This makes them high in sugar and calories and very low in protein. By balancing the ingredients to contain a combination of vegetables or fruit and milk or yogurt, your smoothie will also contain 16 essential nutrients including protein.

Vanilla Date Smoothie

This smoothie has a unique taste as it contains Medjool dates which give it a mild, caramel-like sweetness. As I had never used these particular dates before, I was asking one of my fellow bloggers if she had any experience. She referred me to this mummy blog where I read that soaking the dates in milk prior to blending makes them easier to puree. This turned out to be an excellent tip as the dates were soft and plump after about 15 minutes of soaking. Medjool dates are located in the produce section of the grocery store. View and Print Vanilla Date Smoothie Recipe

Cranraspberry Smoothie

This smoothie is a beautiful bright pink colour. It is thick, delicious and did not separate on standing. You could easily substitute strawberries or even blueberries for the raspberries. View and Print Cranraspberry Smoothie Recipe

Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Smoothie

This was a snap to make and had just a mild taste of peanut butter. Using a frozen banana will make it even thicker. This would also work well with other nut butters or if you are feeling indulgent, a chocolate –hazelnut spread. My son was very interested in the last option! View and Print Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Smoothie Recipe

Smoothies make excellent snacks and breakfasts for adults and children alike. Use these recipes as a basis to create your own family favourites.

Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe?