Did you know that families that eat together eat better? This makes sense and studies show that eating as a family, however you define family, improves the type and varieties of food you eat. A few years ago, my brother and his family were building a new home and lived with my husband and I for over a year. Yes, we still are on good terms but more importantly, I found that in fact, as a family we did eat better together.

When there are only two people in the home, sometimes you may not be so motivated to eat at the table or even prepare a full meal. I must admit that watching the news while eating, had become a habit of ours. When “the family” arrived we had a few rules. No TV or phone calls during dinner and we ate together, at the table, as much as possible.

It really didn’t matter what we had prepared, sometimes the meal was as simple as a grilled cheese sandwich and soup, or as complex as a roast beef dinner; the interesting part was what we learned. We learned that cooking large meals saves money and that leftovers made great lunches. My nieces learned basic cooking skills, how to grate and stir and mix, even how to make an omelet. I learned I ate a balanced meal and tried foods that maybe I would not have cooked myself. More importantly, we established a bond as a family unit and started a family tradition. We still have a monthly Sunday dinner all together to catch up on all the happenings in each others’ lives.

Are you looking for ideas on how to eat together as a family more often? If you are Alberta Milk has a great resource called Eat Together. This resource is full of tips from grocery shopping to 30 minute skillet meals. The Creamy Chicken and Lemon Pasta is really easy, comes together in about half an hour and tastes delicious. See page 5 of the Eat Together resource for the recipe!