Death by chocolate – sounds like a good way to go! This rich, creamy, chocolatey dessert is the perfect end to any meal. From the delicious cookie crust to the airy chocolate mousse, your chocolate cravings will be more than satisfied. I first came across this recipe during Lent when I had given up chocolate, so needless to say the thought of an all chocolate cake called out to me at the time.

This mousse cake does take some time to put together as you have to ensure the crust and the chocolate mixture both have a chance to cool before finishing with the whipped cream. Then it has to set for at least 6 hours (or overnight) before it is served – mine sat for 7 hours and was still a little soft. But the effort and the wait is well worth it for this restaurant quality treat.

Four tips to make this recipe easier

  1. Use a food processor to finely grind the cookies; then add the butter and pulse until mixed.
  2. If you want to speed up the process of cooling the chocolate mixture, because you don’t have a lot of time or are impatient (I may fall into the latter category), put the pot into a sink or large bowl filled with cold water and stir regularly.
  3. To whip the cream, it is best to chill the bowl and the beaters in the fridge before adding the cream as this helps it whip faster.
  4. When folding in the chocolate mixture, be sure not to overmix so you don’t lose the airiness of the whipped cream.

The versatility of whipping cream

Whipping cream is 32 – 35% milk fat and really is a versatile ingredient. It can be used as the base for sauces, added to soups, poured over berries and is popular in many desserts. Did you know you can also make butter from whipping cream? Just keep whipping it past the point of whipped cream and it will separate into buttermilk and butter! But if you get to the butter stage unintentionally, here is an easy fix to get the whipped texture back. Be sure to save room at the end of your next meal for this decadent dessert.