Naturally Gluten-Free Recipes

A colleague sent me this recipe, from Abbey’s Kitchen, shortly after my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. Although we were ecstatic to finally have an explanation for his symptoms, this came out of the blue. There was no family history and it was only because numerous tests and scans failed to identify a cause, that I asked his family physician to test him for it.

Now that we have travelled a few miles down the meals-without-gluten road, I realize that most East Indian recipes are gluten free. They are thickened with vegetables, pulses and chickpea flour.

This particular recipe is unique as it uses pasta sauce rather than tomatoes, which makes a sauce that is naturally creamy. And, curries are traditionally served with rice, another plus for those who require a gluten-free diet. But they are equally delicious with naan bread.

Learn to enjoy spicy foods

If your family doesn’t like spicy (hot)  food you can easily decrease the spice, but, there are other ways you can learn to enjoy these foods. Although spiciness may be perceived as heat, it is actually an irritation to the inside of your mouth and your digestive tract caused by a chemical called capsaicin. The best way to soothe this sensation is to pair spicy foods with milk products such as yogurt or to serve a spicy entrée with a glass of milk. Milk contains casein which helps to separate the capsaicin from your mouth and washes it away. Unfortunately other beverages, especially water, spread the capsaicin further around your mouth.

The vegetables in this recipe can be swapped for what you have on hand: potatoes, carrots, broccoli and peppers would be equally good and help you clean out your fridge.

For those of you with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity  looking for resources:

The Edmonton Celiac Association  has excellent information to answer your questions on a wide variety of topics related to Celiac Disease.

My friend and colleague, Shelley Case, RD has just released her second edition of Gluten Free: The Definitive Resource Guide. It is an excellent reference book ad contains delicious recipes.

Do you and your family enjoy spicy food?

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