May’s recipe, Chicken and Vegetable Casserole with Basil, was voted the all-time best casserole of the milk calendar recipes for a reason. It was easy to prepare, had a mild flavour with a creamy texture that would have universal appeal. The ingredients are every day foods such as chicken, milk, cheese and basil.

I followed the recipe, measured carefully and resisted the temptation to alter the spices. Fortunately I had green beans in the fridge and used the mozzarella cheese and 1% milk I had on hand. The casserole came out beautifully and actually looked like the picture. There are a couple of good tips to reduce the number of pots you use such as cooking the green beans with the noodles and preparing the sauce in the same pan used to brown the chicken.

Because my family enjoys spicier dishes, when I make this again, I will consider using a stronger-flavoured cheese such as Swiss or Cheddar and adding a dash of red pepper flakes. I may add one cured chorizo sausage with the tomatoes as the recipe suggests. This will definitely increase the appeal for my son, who considers anything with sausage a gourmet meal. All in all, this recipe is a keeper and is easy, tasty and healthy.