Over the Christmas holiday, we went to friends for dinner. We were served a delicious roast beef meal accompanied by creamed onions. Wow, this was new to me but my friend said she had been making them for years. They were a lovely side to the rest of the traditional meal and my husband, Eric, raved about them.

So when I decided to write about the super food of the month recipe for Caramelized Onion dip, I thought, hmm, maybe I could use this recipe on something other than chips and crackers. I was a bit worried to tell Eric I was making a dip, because since he was a little boy, onion dip has not been his favourite, his nose rolls up at the site. So I just said it was a version of creamed onions. When the onions were cooking, the house filled with a wonderful aroma – this got Eric noticing and asking if we were having perogies? No, I said I am doing those creamed onions. He wanted to see the recipe and his response was, this would be great on perogies with a little bacon, or how about on baked or roasted potatoes. He then said I wonder if you used it as a dip……breakthrough.

Of course once the dip was done, he was hesitant to put it on a cracker. Verdict, he loved it and waited eagerly for our roast beef and roasted potatoes to come out of the oven so he could eat more. This is an easy make-ahead recipe that will add a lot of flavour to your meal. With the Super Bowl coming up, give it a try. Let us know how you liked it and what you served it with.