What do you cook for dinner when you are totally stuck on meal ideas and have a small window in which to feed your kids before racing off to your next scheduled activity? Many moms I know cheerfully elect for BFD- breakfast-for-dinner…a simple way to break up the routine of the same-old dinner.

Many times, pancakes or waffles are offered at BFD…topped with butter and maple syrup…slurp! While I enjoy this meal, it is often rich in refined carbohydrates and lacking in a good source of protein. Protein is a nutrient important for building and repairing the body’s bones and tissues. It also contributes to our feeling of fullness, which helps to avoid foraging for food not long after dinner (seriously, we just ate and I just cleaned the kitchen!).

I was recently inspired to create this breakfast bagel sandwich after a trip to our local coffee shop for breakfast. My boys gobbled up their breakfast sandwiches- and the dietitian in me loved that they received good quality nutrition in their meal, and also enjoyed what they ate.

This Breakfast Bagel Sandwich is BFD-worthy

Instead of going for the usual pancakes or waffles, scramble up your routine with this Breakfast Bagel Sandwich. What is great about this meal idea is that it allows you to create one meal that is easily adaptable for different taste preferences. Here is the formula for how to make it:

Whole grain bagel-

  • When I grocery shop, I sometimes feel like I am on auto-pilot, and reach for the usual foods we like in the house. This can contribute to boredom with the same old food choices.
  • Dig your way out of boredom – simply buy a different kind of bread, bun or bagel the next time you are at the grocery store.


  • Jam on a breakfast sandwich?! Yes! It adds in a bright acidic contrast to the other ingredients. You can stick with your usual jam- or venture out to try something new like fig or date jam (famous on the Earl’s chicken sandwich), or go for something more exotic like pineapple or guava jam.
  • You could also make your own tomato jam- it sounds odd- but it truly a sweet surprise delight in your mouth!

Microwaved egg-

  • Did you know you can cook an egg in the microwave? It takes less than a minute (literally)!
  • Simply crack an egg in a microwaveable mug (lightly misted with vegetable oil spray). Pierce the yolk a few times with a fork to prevent the egg from exploding (trust me!). Cover your mug with plastic wrap pierced with a fork to allow steam to escape, and cook for about 55 seconds (times may vary depending on the strength of your microwave) to have a hard-cooked egg, cook less for a soft cooked egg. If you didn’t want to microwave your egg, you could quick fry or scramble your egg.
  • There are also kitchen gadgets for microwaving eggs.
  • Eggs are an eggs-elent source of protein for kids and adults alike.


  • Cheese helps to easily dress up a meal! Ranging from mild-flavoured to bold (requiring a more adventurous palette), there are lots of cheese choices for a breakfast bagel sandwich- mozzarella, Bocconcini, cheddar, parmesan, Swiss, Havarti, and more!
  • Cheese is also an excellent source of protein, with one ounce of cheese having a similar amount of protein as an egg. On top of the protein, cheese will also infuse bone-building nutrition into your family’s diet with calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc.


  • Vegetables add in color, flavour, texture as well as nutrition to your breakfast sandwich.
  • Top your breakfast sandwich with a slice of fresh tomato, along with leafy green. You could also try a few springs of fresh dill, mint, basil or parsley. 
  • Both my kids dislike tomatoes and often prefer their vegetables on the side, rather than in, their breakfast bagel sandwich. No problem!

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Written by a Registered Dietitian.


Read more by: Kristyn
Kristyn Hall MSc, RD, is a Mom of two active boys. Kristyn is a Food, Nutrition and Culinary Coach with Energize Nutrition- (formerly Nutrition and Culinary Solutions).

Kristyn helps men and women over 40 achieve vitality and wellness using real food & lifestyle changes, one bite at a time, through health-inspired cooking classes, food and nutrition coaching and project consulting. She is a high-energy and knowledgeable Nutritionist and Dietitian who will infect you with her passion and enthusiasm for good quality food and sound nutrition.

Member Of
College of Dietitians of Alberta
Dietitians of Canada
Breakfast Sandwich
Prep Time
5 minutes
Nutritional Info
Calories563 kcal
Protein26 g
Fat25 g
Carbohydrate61 g
Fibre3.0 g
Sodium736 mg
Calcium405 mg
Source: Kristyn Hall, RD


1whole wheat cinnamon and raisin bagel, cut in half
1 tbsp(15 ml)date jam
1large egg, cooked in the microwave
1.5 oz(50 grams)sliced Havarti cheese
1slice tomato
1leaf lettuce


  1. Heat or toast (if you choose) your bagel halves.
  2. Spread the jam on each half of the bagel.
  3. Top the bagel with the cooked egg. Immediately top the hot egg with the cheese to help it melt.
  4. Top with tomato and lettuce.
  5. Serve with a side of fruit, and you have a nutrient-rich BFD.