In the USMCA, there were no parameters agreed to that American dairy must meet the exact standards of Canadian milk.

Why does Canada have the reputation of having world-class milk quality standards? Well because we proudly have some of the most aggressive milk quality and animal care standards. From antibiotics to hormones, so get the real deal on Canadian milk.

Do you want to ensure your milk is Canadian and you’re supporting Canadian dairy farmers? The most important thing to do its look for the milk quality symbol. It ensures that your milk is Canadian. Want some more details? We have you covered.

Take a second to learn a little bit more added hormones in milk. What is rBST and why is it legal in the USA and not in Canada?

But what about animal care standards? We have ZERO tolerance for animal neglect or abuse. It’s very important to dairy farmers that their cows are comfortable and healthy. Dairy farmers are with their herd for many hours a day and are able to assess a sick cow and treat them quickly. Because farmers are with their cows at least twice a day for milking, they get to know their cows individually and can identify and assess their needs and ensure they are healthy. Learn more about our Code of Practice, developed with vets, the SPCA and animal scientists, Alberta Milk’s animal care policy and laws surrounding animal care.