No. As we answered in Brad’s question, all Canadian milk products are extremely high quality. Canadian milk is produced with virtually no contaminants like bacteria, red blood cells or white blood cells (perhaps what you are referring to as “pus”). 

Milk is rigorously tested and inspected to ensure quality and safety. Once the herd is milked, there are many safety standards that are followed, including milk inspections and equipment sanitation, to ensure high quality. Milking equipment is cleaned after each milking and the bulk  milk tank is cleaned every time it is emptied.

What’s more, the milk hauler grades the milk before it goes into the milk hauling truck in order to determine that the milk’s quality meets prescribed standards. If the milk doesn’t comply with our high standards, it can be rejected. Milk is also tested for antibiotic residues before any milk is unloaded at a processing plant.

In Alberta, all dairy farmers participate in a mandatory on-farm food safety program to help prevent and reduce food safety hazards and risks on their farms. This program is called the proAction. This program is a science-based, preventative approach to food safety that focuses on preventing and minimizing the risk of food safety hazards on the farm.

From the farm to the processing plant, all industry partners ensure  milk is of the highest quality possible. The industry is committed to ensuring Canadians have the best quality dairy products possible available to them year round.